KMART Deal! My experience/pics/scenarios 04/15/2013

Okay See below some of the Scenario’s from my trip to KMART this evening:

This was my second time going to this particular store and I noticed when I got to the register that the same piece of a Catalina that was sticking out of the register I was at on Saturday was still there 2 days later and that led me to believe that the machine(s) were NOT working. My cashier had no CLUE what I was talking about, the manager tried to tell me that the promotion ended on Saturday but I knew that was some Bull as people are still posting! and I was successful at other locations.

I decided to ask another cashier who walked by how many Catalina’s had she printed today… She looked as if she would keep it solid! And she did… her reply; “well only a few work…” I replied which ones you know work… she was like #1 is printing… so while I waited at the register where I had just had a failed transaction I had her take 1 pods, and 2 40 ct bounce(as I know for sure that worked) she went down there and BINGO!!!

The Manager gave me a $10 GC for the one that didn’t work I politely took it  down to register 1 and Rolled it like BART!!! (Bay Area Term! LOL)

The moral of the story is DON’T GIVE UP!, EVER especially when you know that its working… unless its like a regional clearance or something…. TOTALLY different!

see pics below of what items will print a Catalina for $10
* 1 Tide Pod and a 40 ct Bounce and a Downy – not pictured
Prices in CA: 
*Pods $5.99
*Bounce Bar $4.99
* Bounce Sheets 40 ct $2.99
*Downy $3.69

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